Trek-Net Fishery

The Trek-Net or Beach-Seine fishery regularly seems to cause concern among the general public, particularly in the False Bay area. SACRAA recognizes the fact that the fishery is legal under the Marine Living Resources Act (MLRA) and is controlled through a license system that provides for strict regulations or conditions (area of operation, net type, species restrictions). There is, however, concern for the non-adherence by some operators to the license conditions and what appears to be a combination of lack of capacity and lack of will by DAFF to enforce these conditions on occasion.

SACRAA prepared a document that compared the trek-net catches to those of the recreational and commercial linefishery, which you may access here.

For interest sake the most recently available license conditions for the various trek-net areas of operation are provided via the links below.

KZN commercial mixed shoaling beach seine (Durban) 2012-2013

PC Area A-K (West Coast) 2014-15

PC Area M (False Bay) 2014-15

PC Area L&O (False Bay) 2014-15