Inland Fisheries Policy

A glaring omission in terms of South African fisheries legislation is the lack of a National policy and associated laws & regulations for inland (freshwater) fishing. Although individual provinces have legislation and regulations they are outdated, often conflicting and do not reflect the latest National ideals for governance, resource management and sharing. DAFF have been given the clear mandate to manage inland fisheries but until such time as a policy and legislation is developed, responsibility still lies with the provincial authorities. A Draft Policy for inland fisheries has been approved for public consultation, which will take place between June/July 2018. The schedule and venues for the consultation process are available here. SACRAA will keep you updated as to the progress in this regard.

In addition, there are several background documents that may be of interest and that will help set the scene for what is to come.

Water Research Commission (WRC) Inland Fisheries Vol. 1

WRC Inland Fisheries Vol. 1 Appendix

WRC Inland Fisheries Vol. 2

WRC Historical Policy Review