Kraal Fishery

The latest Experimental Fishery Managment Plan (EFMP) for the proposed Kraal Fishery below the Vanderkloof Dam wall provides the background to the proposed fishery as well as the experimental approach designed to determine its feasibility and sustainability. SACRAA is supporting the concept of the fishery but is fighting for the strict regulation of catches which will include the Largemouth Yellowfish (LMY). A two-year data gathering process will be followed. From the start a minimum size limit for all species will be set and after a year’s worth of data has been collected the Advisory Group will reassess the situation and consider further options such as possible closed seasons and quotas for individual species. There is a process currently underway to try and determine the number of LMY that are caught so that this can be used as a starting point for this listed species.

The following provides links to some of the relevant documents, including the Desktop Review (legislative requirements, fish biology), recent minutes of Advisory Group meetings and a letter from Free State Environmental Affairs that clearly states their opposition to the catching, killing and sale of the LMY.

Desktop Review for Kraal Fishery

Free State Environmental Affairs – stance on LMY

AG Meeting Minutes 27 January 2017

AG Meeting Minutes 30 March 2017

AG Meeting Minutes 8 June 2017

AG Meeting Minutes 18 January 2018

AG Meeting Minutes 26 July 2018

AG Meeting Minutes 29 November 2018

AG Meeting RoDs 23 April 2019

An update will be provided after the next Advisory Committee meeting scheduled for 22 August 2019.