In order for SACRAA to be taken seriously by government we need to build a membership base in order to engage from a position of strength. For the moment membership will be free of charge, with all the costs associated with the administration of members and SACRAA activities being carried by SAFTAD. At some time in the future a membership fee will be introduced in order to cover these costs but this will be a nominal annual fee.

SACRAA offers four categories of membership, namely Association, Ordinary, Affiliate and Honorary.

Association – corporate bodies, retailers and clubs (whether affiliated to SASACC or not).

Ordinary – individuals (who will pay a membership fee in future and have a say/vote in the operational activities of SACRAA and the committee).

Affiliate – individuals (who do not pay a membership fee and who do not have a vote but have a say in the operational activities of SACRAA and the committee, as per 6.12 of the SACRAA Constitution).

Membership forms

Fill out the relevant membership application form online and submit (Honorary members are selected by the committee). You will receive confirmation of your membership via e-mail or post and will receive a SACRAA member’s card.

Welcome to a new era for recreational angling!